Github Releases

We build binaries for OS X and Linux using goreleaser

Simply head over to the releases page to grab the latest version.


We maintain a homebrew tap which makes installing on OS X a breeze. Simply add the tap and install:

brew tap apptio/tap
brew install kr8

The homebrew tap will install the below dependencies for you. If you’re using anything other than homebrew, you’ll need to ensure you have the dependencies below


The kr8 binary is currently just one of a set of required dependencies. We plan to explore the need for these dependencies as time goes on, but right now, yhey are required.


go-task is used inside components and for cluster config generation. It was chosen over Make because it supports parallel builds and JSON files as input (meaning we can use jsonnet to build the files, if needed).


Check out the go-task install docs for information on installing go-task


If you plan on rendering and manipulating helm charts in your kr8-configs, you’ll need the helm command line tool installed.


Check out the helm installation docs for information on installing go-task