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kr8-helpers is a set of scripts that wraps around the kr8 command for rendering components. The different types of components have different helps.

You should ensure the kr8-helpers scripts are available in your $PATH. You can find them here


This helper cleans the generated directory and the metadata directory for each component. It should generally be the first helper you run as part of your component Taskfile


Render a helm chart using helm template. This allows you to install helm charts as components with kr8. For more information, see the helm component section


kr8-helpers helm-render "{{.CHART_NAME}}"


Similar to helm-render except you can also patch the helm chart and add options and configuration that might not be exposed as a helm values.yaml. This helper will look for a patches.jsonnet inside the component directory. For more information, see the helm component section


kr8-helpers helm-render-with-patch "{{.CHART_NAME}}" patches.jsonnet


The simplest helper, this just copies a specified yaml file for the component into the generated directory. It also cleans the yaml file of any unnecessary whitespace using the helmclean command in kr8


kr8-helpers yaml-install vendored/01_crd.yaml


Render a jsonnet file. If you're starting a component without any source manifests or helm chart, or using something like the prometheus-operator this would be what you'd use.


kr8-helpers jsonnet-render secrets.jsonnet


jk is a tool which allows you to write configuration as actual code. You can use jk to render a component:


kr8-helpers jk-render nginx.js